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Location Sound Recording

We can provide location based sound recording services. This can be for your podcasts or if you are a videographer or film maker and need a skilled sound recordist.  Great sound is an essential part of any podcast or visual presentation and we provide high quality equipment to make sure you get the best sound possible.

Custom Sound Design

From quiet sounds and music to enhance emotions and mood – to louder effects and noise that can make a statement.  We lead you from the initial preparation stages through sound post-production.

In many cases its a matter of experimenting with sound and sculpting sound all through production and post production process to find out what works best for the project.  The aim is to provide a consistent soundtrack that expresses the multitude of possibilities of the sound Neonvox sound design Phoenix

The process involves studying the script and gathering any preconceived ideas regarding sound.  There may be no ideas with sound at this stage and so it will evolve organically through the pre-production process.  Once these needs are established work on the sound design can commence.

We can work on both short term or long term projects.   We also do live sound for performances and installations.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Sound Design with Video Example:

Sound designer in Scottsdale, ArizonaExamples of NeonVox sound design:


Sound 1

Sound 2

Sound 3

Sound 4

Sound 5

Sound 6

NeonVox– Sound recording and editing based in the Greater Phoenix & Scottsdale areas of Arizona – working with national and international clients.  Contact us today!!